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How to print photos with an iPad 3 (there’s just one hitch…)

Many users love their iPad 3 for its high-resolution Retina display. With a diameter of only 9.7″ and 2,048 x 1,536 pixels it has a higher resolution than most 24″ displays used with desktop computers. Therefore the human eye is almost unable to make out single pixels. These days we are quite a bit into […]

HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE PAPER FB tested – or the new summer fragrance: Caffenol

At the previous Photokina HARMAN already presented their new direct positive papers (DIRECT POSITIV PAPER FB and RC). As the name inherently tells, positive images can be created directly, for example by exposing the paper through a pinhole camera. And that is exactly what we did. Preparation Unlike film material the paper – which is […]

Impossible revives 8×10″ Polaroids

Less than 40 years after its introduction and only few years after its discontinuation 8×10″ instant film has just been revived. In 2009 the Dutch company Impossible bought the last intact 8×10″ Polaroid production machine and transferred it from Waltham (USA) to their factory in Enschede (Netherlands). Since that time they have been working on […]

Today is Pola-Day

How time flies! The Pola-Day has its anniversary once again today. Everybody who loves instant photography and has not yet picked up an instant camera on this Saturday, September 1st, should get started straightaway. It does not matter whether you use Polaroid, Fujifilm, Fuji Instax or Impossible film. You can send your instant pictures (i. […]

Loading sheet film holders in 9 easy steps (4×5″)

Large format photography means working on sheet film, nowadays the common initial size is 4×5″. Beyond that even bigger dimensions are available: 13×18 cm, 5×7″, 18×24 cm, 8×10″ and further sizes. All of them are usually sold in lightproof boxes. Instead of loading a camera with ready for use 35 mm or roll film you […]