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Impossible revives 8×10″ Polaroids

Less than 40 years after its introduction and only few years after its discontinuation 8×10″ instant film has just been revived. In 2009 the Dutch company Impossible bought the last intact 8×10″ Polaroid production machine and transferred it from Waltham (USA) to their factory in Enschede (Netherlands). Since that time they have been working on a remake of the original large format instant film.

Impossible PQ 8x10 Silver Shade instant film

Impossible PQ 8×10 Silver Shade – © Impossible

A first collection of photographs taken on the new material are on exhibition at the Impossible Project Space NYC from August 23rd until September 24th. The new film named „PQ 8×10 Silver Shade“ can be preordered at Impossible’s online shop since Augist 30th and will be available at selected partner stores from the mid of September. It is fully compatible with Polaroid film holders and processors for the 8×10″ format. A pack of film contains 10 sheets and costs € 169, £ 133 or $ 189, depending on your location.

8x10 Impossible by Thom Jackson Instant Photo

Photograph on Impossible PQ 8×10 Silver Shade – © Thom Jackson

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