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HARMAN TiTAN 8×10 Pinhole Camera is available

We have been looking forward to hearing this news for a while: The HARMAN TiTAN 8×10 Pinhole Camera is available now! It (or should I rather write „He“ as the press release headlines „Big Brother is watching you“?) is the HARMAN TiTAN 4×5 Pinhole Camera’s large counterpart. One year ago, we were mightily impressed by the little brother already, now regarding 8×10″ the film format is four times as large.

HARMAN TiTAN 8x10 Pinhole Camera with 150 mm cone

HARMAN TiTAN 8×10 Pinhole Camera now available in the UK and soon in the rest of Europe and North America, too – © ILFORD PHOTO

The included pinhole’s diameter is 0,52 mm / 0.0205″, which makes for an aperture of f288 in combination with the accompanying cone that has 150 mm / 5.9″ focal length (equivalent to 20 mm in 35 mm format), and promises a very good image quality. The 8×10″ camera prototype shown at the Photokina 2012 appeared to us like a real giant, but this circumstance is simply due to the size of the film material. Its final weight of 800 g / 28 oz. does not give cause for any complaints. Like the 4×5“ pinhole camera the 8×10“ version is produced by Walker Cameras in the UK. We are especially happy that our wish for an accessory shoe is fulfilled since the prototype was lacking one. Thus you can for example attach a view finder which facilitates positioning the camera right.

As of now the HARMAN TiTAN 8×10 Pinhole Camera can be ordered from the UK for about £ 300 (momentarily circa 350 Euro) and will be available in the rest of Europe in mid April and in North America in mid May.

Filmwasters shared a first video review by Leon Taylor on their Vimeo channel which shows the HARMAN TiTAN 8×10 in action. We hope that we will be able to report from our own experience soon – by then we are well provided with pleasant anticipation and a bit of reverence.

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